Streets of Pharr 1971

by Reinforce

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released October 11, 2014

Reinforce 2014

Vocals: Danny
Guitar: Pat
Guitar: Pancho
Bass: Jon
Drums: Rudy

all lyrics/music written by:

guest vocals on "Ash & Grey" by:
Adam "Valley" Gonzalez

sample at the end of "Streets of Pharr 1971":
Corrido de Pharr by Rumel Fuentes

Recorded & Mixed by:
Rick Charles at Sine of Madness Recording
in Weslaco, TX

Mastered by:
Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Engineering

Cover Art by: Jorge Luis Gomez
(IG/Twitter: @ColdPizzaTX #ColdPizzaTX)



all rights reserved


Reinforce Mc Allen, Texas

Hardcore band from the Valley (RGV)

South Texas

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Track Name: Clustered
I slowly grind my teeth as I try to sleep
clustered with frustration
paying the price for this bed I made
everyone has a burden
don't bother to compare or relate

I lied to myself when I said I buried my past
these nights left me damaged, exiled & estranged
Track Name: Ash & Grey
turned my back from the truth
drowning my emotions to feel numb inside
it's hard to admit that everything you vouched for
was a fucking lie
as I look in the mirror I can see myself dying
pages of my life burning & fading away
a meaningless story of constant fucking failures
I smash what's staring back at me
superstitious but I'm too broken to even care

demons stalk me in my suspended state of paralysis
I cant tell anymore if I'm awake or dreaming
if these walls could talk they would be the closest thing
to what I felt those nights, shut out from existence
the pressure of the noose tightens, I'm suffocating
fading in silence

me pierdo en las temptaciones de mis vicios

everything worth of any significance
is left ash & grey
you'll never test your worst tendencies
until everything you know is in pieces
everything you knew is left in ash tray of residue
Track Name: The Division
this is our self destruction
dirty deeds influenced from across the street
for a taste of power & a dream of luxury
there's no room for error
when you're playing with fire
you're life won't be one to spare
you won't walk away unscathed
with any mistakes that you have made
you'll easily cease to exist with no trace of the last days
you were seen breathing

The river is running red

their administration neglects the spreading pestilence
irrelevant whether currency's legitimate
media sources blacklisted
stories are shared by word of mouth
fear is apparent through the pedestrians eyes
as they explain the terror
this isn't to glorify but acknowledge
the waves of violence

that drown them with despair

the river is running red
Track Name: Ojo De Agua
the phone rings I'm waking up with
cuts, bruises & swollen fists

uncertain how I made it home
alive or through that front door
I cant erase the image of her face
whether my "eyes be closed" or
with this blurred vision
I check my phone, several missed calls
& a message that said
"call me when you're not drunken"
I don't remember if I told her
I loved her or if I hated her

either one would've been a genuine answer
there's no need in explaining
I drank until I could forget but I just ended the night
gripping the pole of a street light
covered in vomit, resisting arrest
it ain't hard to tell that you're killing me
what is it about you that makes me a sleepless,
self destructive wreck?

"Solsbury Hill" still plays in my head
when I think of that night I told you
what all this meant & what it didn't
break that fucking mixtape, burn the gifts
cause I know you never gave a shit
forget I ever existed even if lovers carvings
can never be erased or scratched out

I hope I never end up on your street again

fixated on your eyes, I stared in too deep & drowned
in a deep rest of my delusion
oblivious to the repercussion's
"More than This? There's nothing"

you chose what you wanted, look how it ended
living with an anchor around your neck
another burden that made you even more miserable
why did I waste my time on someone
who wasn't reciprocating for the effort I put in?

you left my head like you left my bed before you left
a fucking mess, created a perception that you were perfect
the answer to everything but the reality of the situation
I was just bitter, cold & broken

months went by, you were persistent
I gave in to your taste & temptation
you provided him modern lies but
then you felt the guilt that you cheated
so now its convenient for you to leave me neglected

living with consequences of your decisions
Track Name: Streets of Pharr 1971
divided by railroad tracks
but easy to speculate on what side you lived
they'd grab you by the wrist, slam your head against the car
& call you a fucking spic

the frustration grew over the injustice they've felt constantly
congregated, they protested against the corrupted police state

threatened by demanding screams of change
authority used excessive force without reasoning
tear gas was exposed across the streets
they felt the risk was worth
any arrest or consequence

so the community responded with bricks
& glass from bottles were shattered across the pavemant

Today, Tonight will be different they said
the spirit of there beliefs refused to break

but at the heat of the conflict
an innocent bystander was shot in the head
ambulances were notified but they hung up
refused to help as he died on that sidewalk

the report said the gun shot was unintentional
but everyone knows the truth

the cop aimed before
he pulled that fucking trigger

the reason of the demonstration
came with some hope an expectation
the residents wanted them to improve their
inferior living conditions that lacked decent necessities
& reflected a life of poverty

the cold shoulder was apparent treated as second class citizens
based solely off the color of their skin
this riot derived from the neglect of this crooked city

you can't burn or erase a chapter from this place
so I'm screaming to keep the fury from that night alive

for the people from my neighborhood &
to the families of those who felt defeated
Track Name: No Love
when we started, frustrated with unchecked aggression
bottled, reaching our own breaking point
we felt unrestrained, nothing could take this feeling away
but life played out an unpalatable fate
we said our painful goodbyes & poured one out for our friend

life changes, personal decisions
questioned ourselves is this even fucking worth it
we kept it together through the hard times & at our worst
our friends the Laredo & Valley Crew is what got us through
new faces soon became some of the best of friends
that I'll never forget

no love for South Texas