Valley of Depravity

by Reinforce

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released September 3, 2016

Reinforce 2016

Vocals: Danny Gonzalez
Guitar: Pat Garza
Guitar: Pancho Garza
Bass: Levi Landin
Drums: Isaac Juicy

Tracking was from Feb - Aug. '16

Recorded & Mixed by: Rick Charles
at Sine of Madness in Weslaco, TX

Mastered by: Brad Boatright
at Audiosiege Mastering in Portland, OR



all rights reserved


Reinforce Mc Allen, Texas

Hardcore band from the Valley (RGV)

South Texas

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Track Name: Valley of Depravity
they walk in between the raindrops
of repercussions
with the right name you can indulge in
any transgressions
officers earned monetary gain
by ripping off dealers
stealing, selling, reinstating the product
back on the street corners

conflict of interest
grimy hands create transactions
to guarantee their name will be
checked off the ballot

flagrant abuse of authority
manipulating campaigns
it's a free rein of corruption
behind closed doors

the broken gavel is what protects them from a jail cell
the system they run leaves them untouchable
they sweep each other's shit under the rug
it just piles up

cops beating, raping, distributing drugs
separate incidents justify why we shouldn't trust

bribes, cocaine, buying votes
elected officials make deals under the table

even a judge got their charge dismissed
the video evidence was somehow insufficient

they get away with what they can in this place
in the valley of depravity, no one is safe
no ones safe in the valley
Track Name: Desvelado
I begin to feel myself slowly detaching
digging deeper into my grave
flirting with these temptations of death
putting my distress to rest

I don't need you by my side
dealing with this feeling of fucking disdain
towards everything
"desvelado y sin amor"
encuentro paz en el dolor

losing track of life "what day is it?"
sketchy nights keep me up until daylight breaks
an existential crisis awakens and begins to tear me in
tears me in pieces

in increments I'm learning to deal with
these heavy eyes and drilling pain
in my head
Track Name: Restrained
I'm that fucking thorn in your side
that keeps you up at night
I thrive off the fact that my existence spites you

I'm breaking out with a fire to burn you
to the fucking ground
Track Name: Self Interest
Self-serving fair weather friend
you discreetly
kept your sleazy tendencies low key
your whole life you've lived sneaky
now everyone's wondering
"where the fuck is he?"
you try to run our names through the mud
playing the blame game
I honestly don't feel sorry
now that you're a fucking shame
cause every sketchy shit they said about you
played out the same

utilizing pretentiousness for a social status of acceptance

you couldn't handle the first signs of trouble
took the quickest exit when it all crumbled
you burned every bridge then fucking hid

the real truth will come full circle
Track Name: Outlined in Chalk
Senseless violence tears us apart
we steal and kill from each other
born into hardships and impoverished communities
don't become a product of what they expected us to be
taking pride in trivial things don't mean shit

it buries us faster in the ground
deluded visions of a hard credibility
you've never even seen the streets
or the palm trees when the sun goes down

posturing a life you've never lived
you'll never comprehend the suffering
in a child's eyes when he lost his father that night

he held him close crying
bleeding, begging him
please don't leave
don't leave me

outlined in chalk
Track Name: False Front
Everything that comes out your mouth
carries no substance
for a person who has so much to say
your constantly living in silence
you can fool a few but most of us
can see right through you
the deluded presence you fabricated

fades to a timid face
when you try to avoid looking this direction
I can easily read in-between the fucking lines
of your passive aggressive behavior

so we laugh at your expense
as you begin back pedaling
to make yourself look like a victim
it all justifies that your existence
is fucking worthless
a false front come undone